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Diploma in pastry chef


May 2024


2 months of classes and 2 months of optional internships






Spanish. Real time English translation. Class material available in English + Free Spanish Classes

This diploma is for you if...

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  • You want to be a professional pastry chef
  • You want to turn your professional life around
  • Do you want to train with the best pastry chefs?
  • You want to own a bakery or profitable business
  • You want to work in any restaurant in the world
  • You want to be a creative pastry chef
  • Do you want to be a pastry chef 360º?

Inspiring success stories that we have helped to forge

I have learned very useful techniques in the day-to-day running of a restaurant. It has opened a path for me in my job and in the field of competitions.
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Adrián Morcillo. Alumni Master's Degree in Avant-garde Pastry.

We train professionals working in

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The training program consists of several modules of theoretical and practical sessions to develop your skills to the maximum. Small groups and work side by side with the best professionals.

Learning by doing

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Your passion and your talent deserve the best system to develop, and that is precisely what we offer you: a learning model that transcends conventional classrooms.

In our Pastry Chef Diploma, we embrace the "learning by doing" methodology where theory comes to life through your hands and senses, turning each lesson into a unique opportunity to explore, experiment and create.

Imagine an environment where ingredients, pots and pans become tools of expression. In each class, you'll be immersed in the action; from mastering precise cuts to creating signature dishes that stir emotions. Every seasoning, every texture and every presentation will be the palpable result of your effort and dedication.

You will learn as you create, honing your skills in real time. What better way to internalize culinary techniques than by putting them into direct practice?

The "learning by doing" methodology not only accelerates your learning, but also cultivates self-confidence. It's not just about listening and remembering, it's about experimenting and creating.

If you are looking for an eminently practical training that will help you unlock your full gastronomic potential, you are in the right place: join us and start creating your own culinary stories from day one!

Objectives of the DIPLOMA IN PASTRY CHEF

  • Study the different areas of restaurant pastry making.
  • To understand the basics of classic and contemporary pastry making.
  • Working side by side with the most specialized pastry chefs on the scene.
  • Master the principles of formulation.
  • Master the different conceptual styles of pastry and confectionery.
  • Recognize and learn to use the most avant-garde machinery used in large restaurants.
  • Complete, if you wish, your training in the best restaurants in the world.
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Testimonials that speak for themselves

Contact us and solve your doubts!

Teaching staff

Experience and Passion: meet the teachers who will accompany every step of your training
Master Internships


Would you like to perfect your technique in a 3-star Michelin restaurant, develop innovative projects in avant-garde restaurants, experience all the possibilities of sweets in the most exquisite pastry shops?

Done! We have more than 255 internship agreements with major companies in the sector to give you all the opportunities you deserve.

You will be able to spend 2 full months in the best restaurants in the world working side by side with renowned chefs and ultra-prepared teams.

In those two months of total immersion, you will not only learn recipes and techniques; you will become part of an efficient gastronomic team, absorbing all the knowledge of those who have worked their way to the top of the industry.

It will not only be a stage of your education, but a vital experience that will fill your memories with unique experiences and emotions.

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Career opportunities

Whatever your goal is, we help you achieve it.

Do you want to taste the promising future
that awaits you?

Pastry Chef Diploma

Place Reservation
First installment
International Fee
2.000 € * 48h after confirmation of admission
1,700 *30 days after diploma start date
650 (optional) international students

Classes: 02/05/2024 to 28/06/2024 (2 months). Calendar coming soon.

Training period: To be confirmed with the coordinator.

Format: Classroom

Location: Castellón, Spain(see location)

Language: Spanish. Simultaneous translation into English.

Credits: 29 ECTS (Credit system)

Extras included in the license plate:

  • Attendance at master classes, conferences and extracurricular seminars

  • All food products used are included in the rates.

  • Uniform included: black jacket and pants, chef's hat and apron.

  • Extracurricular internships (voluntary)

  • Individual locker

  • Library Access

Admission and enrollment process

Frequently Asked Questions

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